Promoting locals economics actors and respecting the environment, we organized at Casa Kayam Hostel and Artistic Residency in Guatapé a workshop of handmade and natural soap. On Tuesday 14th of May, Miguel Pupiales – facilitator- came to the hostel to share with our guests his knowledge; an experience that we will repeat!

During the workshop, we studied the art of solid soap and the steps to follow, such as the saponification process. The properties of each of the ingredients are fundamental to make soaps, as well as knowledge of medicinal plants.

Did you know that in Colombia, farmers make soap with Chumbimba or soap? It’s a native tree of tropical America that you can found from the south of the United States to Argentina. After drying, the seeds of this tree are used for hand gel or to clean clothes.

At the end of the workshop, each of the participants went out of Guatapé with their handmade soap and the necessary training to repeat the experience at home

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