Our first event in Casa Kayam was the concert of the band SoulFire Project. Traveling in a bus running on used vegetal oil, that community of 9 incredible people made a stop in Guatapé. The opportunity for us to share their experience and their musical move! More than 80 persons from town and around came to the concert!

The SoulFire Project is an Artistically Sustainable mobile Community. They support themselves mainly through music, playing concerts in different places. They also practice and promote sustainable systems like alternative fuels, solar power, bicycle machines, and dry/composting toilet. They also use media (videos, pamphlets, and the internet) to promote other communities and organizations to grow this movement towards a more sustainable future.

The SoulFire Project has two objectives. First, to live sustainably, as much within the mobile community that they are, as well as with nature, people and the communities they meet. Second, to use art and self-sustainability techniques to strengthen and grow this movement towards liberation and autonomy.

Soulfire Project No Borders Tour Colombia :


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