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Come to record your next hit in paradise!

At Casa Kayam Hostel and artistic residency, we are proud to announce to you our new project: we are building a professional recording studio inside the hostel. It will give the opportunity for travelers and musicians to create and record their music! Guatapé is an inspirational place for artists!

With a recording studio at Casa Kayam hostel, musicians will have a chance to meet with an international audience. Any project will improve by sharing its evolution with other people. A music retreat in the charming and beautiful countryside of Guatapé.

For just a couple of hours or a few days, with or without accommodation…Our studio is open for you!

Actually… not open yet but we are working hard to be open as soon as possible. To reduce cost and because it is way funnier, we build everything for our self.

At this time, we already achieved structural work and electricity.

We place a very nice wood floor above an acoustic membrane to reduce impact sound. Three weighty acoustic doors packed with two layers of rock-wool and one layer of acoustic membrane were built. We place two windows between the control room and the recording room spaced by 30 cm of air. Windows are made with three different sizes of glass slightly angled to minimize resonance.

After closing everything, the time came for acoustic measurement. For both rooms, we made more than 900 measurements! Our goal was to know the acoustic behavior at every point in our rooms until 200 Hz. To achieve this, we use the software Room Eq Wizard and then Room Map to be able to see all room modes visually. We are interpreting this vast amount of data to be able to build the correct acoustic treatment needed. 

Below some pictures of this built and if you want to know more about how to build a recording studio, we are going to do a detailed tutorial in a blog part of this page.

Follow the progress of the Studio!

More glass wool


At Casa Kaya, we believe in mixing travelers with artists. We are happy to let artists stay with us for free, in exchange for a piece of their time and talent!

We already had the chance to meet incredible people…